F.O.R.E.W.O.R.D: My Introduction

I went to take my block 4.2′s books and schedule a few days before it was started.. As to go through the green papers of the 7 sheets schedule, I should be honest that it got me startled, pretty much indeed. I don’t know was it because our classes are going to start at 8am and end at 3pm in most of the days through these 6 weeks of the block, or the tittle itself already gave a shake on me:

“BLOCK 4.2: Health System & Disaster”

The first few, clear things that flashed in my mind when it comes to HEALTH SYSTEM were all the typical medical- related thingy: Doctors, nurses, WHO, etc etc etc..

And DISASTER? Well.. It’s disastrous enough that I couldn’t stop relating it to the Merapi volcanic eruptions, which is best classified as the hottest topic so far, not just here; where it’s located, but sure is- the whole world.

But the fact is, it surely is beyond that. As my blog title goes, I'll explore beyond the border of its mere title. Insya Allah, I'll strive to make my understanding firmer as the block proceeding further with all the helps from all the important Men Power of this block, my colleagues, and my self- effort either.

I believe I’m like a crawling baby to talk about this heavy topic, but baby grows, surely will:) I really, really appreciate and welcome any corrections and improvements on whatever that I’m going to discuss as matters to jot soon.

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Thank you very much, and it's my pleasure having you all to keep checking me up here~

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