Saturday, December 11, 2010


As the tittle goes, I'm sitting for this block's examination today..

I'm scared and worry.. God knows, I AM- Extremely, nonetheless, I'm quite excited.

Honestly, this blogging is not based on what I can memorize upon all the facts, concepts, details, but based on my understanding and personal views. But plus with my effort to indeed try my best to memorize those as my preparations to sit the for the paper, I hope those help me to do well in the examination.. Amin..

I have to apologize that I managed not to cover all the discussions to this point, especially the fact that some lectures were given quite late; during the examination week itself. I can't guarantee to continue pouring out the discussions (if you go to INDEX, you can see there are a few topics are still not being discussed). I will, if there are spaces in the midst of business; new block, examinations, thesis, assignments. In any way though, this blog is dedicated for a long- term benefits for me, and I wish I able to make it for everyone too.

Just go to INDEX, it's easier for you to choose which topic you want to read about. My whole reflections are there. That's what I manage to give, so far. Welcome yourself, anytime..

I would like pour my huge appreciation to all the respected professors (especially Prof dr. Laksono as the block coordinator), doctors, guests (from Ministry of Health, RS Sardjito, RS Panti Rapih, DinKes, etc), and every individuals responsibled in conducting our practical sessions, skill laboratories, and many other activities in this BLOCK 4.2 : Health System & Disaster. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Last but not least, my very best wishes to all my batchmates; INTERMED 07, including me either. May success and luck be with us. Amin..

Nur Taufiqah Idris.

Reference: My Heart..

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