Sunday, December 5, 2010

Love Like This

For today's post, I won't be discussing about things theoretically. Notwithstanding, they surely do have certain theoretical concept I've been discussing in my previous posts as the fundamental values. Lots of programs held and done in relation to disaster during the prevention, mitigation, response, and yes during the recovery period. You can check on the topics at my INDEX and browse on any that you would like to read.

Here you have my listings of programs that put a smile and even laughter not only to the victims, but also to me :)

I chose programs held for Merapi eruption event as I, myself had the experience to feel and witness the whole plots of the disaster. *Err.. minus the part where we, the Malaysians were taken back by the embassy for the evacuation..*

1. Government

At any level; national, provincial, or district, it's obvious that government plays a very major role in the walk of program for the victims. Some may not be satisfying, but let's us take the positiveness of those:)
Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) during his visit to a temporary shelter in Klaten of Indonesia's central Java province November 3, 2010. (Source: TotallyCoolPix)
Amongst all of SBY's statements, this one is my favourite:

"Saya akan berangkat, menunggu persiapan ke depan, karena saya harus berada dengan rakyat di sana. Untuk memastikan saya berada di sana bersama mereka."

2. Private authority
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By 22 November 2010, Super deal 2 Milyar (2 Millions) hits the telly with different approach from its previous ones'. It comes with the concept of care, as a concern for the victims of the eruption of Mount Merapi. The shooting is done in "Gelanggang Olah Raga" (Sports Arena), of the University of Yogyakarta.

The program broadcasts on ANTV channel everyday at 7.30PM (1930 WIB).

3. Volunteers

Read more about Mr Kamen Rider visit at UMY News~
Familiar to the figure with the kids? That's Kamen Rider, the hero for the kids no matter the kids are any spoiled children with home dear family, living safe and sound at home, or the children at the refugee camp :)

This all- time superhero was brought especially to cheer the kids at the UMY refugee camp (Posko Pengungsi UMY) by IKOM Radio dan Divisi INFOKOM UMY.

I somehow believe Mr Kamen Rider had not only cheering the kids but the adults as well. He was one of our childhood hero either, isn't he? *Well.. Okay, may be not to you, but he is to me^^*

Well.. There are truly only a few out of lots, lots, lots more programs held. To put even a quarter of those would require hundreds posts in this humble blog of mine. It shows that bringing smile to others help putting a smile to ourselves, don't you think?